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WhatsApp’s new feature may let you track friend’s real-time location

WhatsApp seems set to get another feature:

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real-time tracking

The new feature will reportedly let WhatsApp users track the group members in real time and vice versa.

Some of the leaked images showing the new ‘tracking feature’ in WhatsApp groups have been posted on Twitter by @WABetaInfo, a Twitter account that tracks new features and changes in WhatsApp’s beta builds.

The ‘Show my Friends’ option can be turned on for every group member for different time durations — 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes or indefinitely.


Another feature that may come to WhatsApp:

Verified Numbers

Just like twitter has verified accounts, WhatsApp will allow to companies to have verified numbers.

Why I told my friends to stop using WhatsApp and Telegram -Romain Aubert

When we talk about encryptions you may say:

Who cares? I have nothing to hide.

If you don’t think privacy is all that important:

Now read this amazing article:

Why I told my friends to stop using WhatsApp and Telegram


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        WhatsApp to stop running on older smartphones

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WhatsApp will stop running on the earliest smartphones which include iPhone, Windows Phone, Nokia, Android and BlackBerry.After some time it was decided that it will be extending its support for BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry OS, Nokia Symbian and Nokia S40 until the end of June next year.

Yet, by December end many other old smartphones will lose the support of the popular messaging application. But perhaps you do not have to worry as if specifications are taken into consideration then not too many devices will get affected, especially on iOS and Android.

For Android, the support for WhatsApp will end for devices which are running on Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 while for Windows it is devices with Windows 7 as their OS. When it comes to Apple devices, the iPhone 3GS and iPhones which still run on iOS6.

However, devices like BlackBerry 10, Nokia S40, Symbian S60 and BBOS still have a chance and extra life till June next year. WhatsApp in its previous blog had said that the support for the messaging app will end on many smartphones because they do not ‘offer the kind of capabilities’ needed by it to expand the features of the app.