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Continuing our discussion about Smartphone features , today I will tell something more about displays.


C. Amolded vs LCD vs Retina



Amolded displays can be considered as OLED displays as they have most of the features same.OLED displays have much purer blacks and consume less energy when black or darker colors are displayed on-screen. However, lighter-colored themes on AMOLED screens use considerably more power than an LCD using the same theme. OLED screens are also more expensive to produce than LCD.

On the positive side, AMOLED screens can be made thinner than LCDs (because they don’t require a backlit layer) and they can also be made flexible.

Retina is another marketing term, this time from Apple. A Retina display is not defined by a specific characteristic, other than that it is supposedly of sufficient resolution that the human eye can’t discern pixels at a normal viewing distance and has a pixel density over 300 ppi.

Now still the question remains

Which display is better?

If you have read above post carefully, you have noticed that it’s all game between pros and cons. It is not that certain display is better than other and not like it is completely different . So far you are not a professional user like you want to test mobile at such a high extent or you are a very specific user , there must not be any problem in buying any of Retina or LCD or OLED displays.

Conclusion of Display Section:

1. Buy display having minimum ppi 350 ( except you are buying iPhone as they          measure it in different manner)

2. Buy FULL HD with preference over HD screen if you have enough money in pocket.

3. As far as you are not a professional user , there is no problem in buying any of LCD or OLED or retina.

Stay tuned for other smartphone features …

How can Chinese companies offer great specs at such low prices? -Robert Triggs

We all know that chinese companies like Xiomi,OnePlus, Meizu, and Huawei are selling their smartphones at much lower prise compared to other companies like samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, etc. So here is article from Android Authority written by Robert Triggs to explain this.

How can Chinese companies offer great specs at such low prices?


Robert Triggs


Tech News

So guys I have decided to dedicate some next articles of Tech News to some smartphone features which are important when we buy new smartphone and always confuse which to buy…


a. Screen Resolution

Image result for screen resolution 4k

Screen resolution is basically the amount of pixels in the screen. The more pixels a screen has, the clearer the display will be. If the screen has enough pixels, the human eye cannot see them—which is where the term “retina display” comes from. Therefore, a high resolution display enables you to see more on the screen with much more clarity and detail. When buying a phone, make sure the display has a resolution of 1280 by 720 or higher.

b. HD vs FULL HD

Image result for screen resolution 4k


If you are buying smartphone, you have probably encountered the terms 1080p and 720p. These are actually shorthand monikers for the resolution of screen itself. The main difference between 1080p and 720p is the number of pixels that they have.

1080p has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels while 720p has a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels; resulting in respective pixel counts of over 2 million and slightly over 920 thousand. Resolution is important in relation to the size of your display and how close you would be to it. Of course, a higher resolution is better for bigger displays as well as when you need to have the display close.

The processor needs to crunch more than twice the number of pixels, it needs to be more powerful to cope with the load. The capability of the processor is the reason why some devices can only playback 720p video while others are able to playback 1080p.

Summary :

1. 1080p has way more pixels than 720p.

2. 1080p is better suited for larger displays than 720p.

3. 1080p is more demanding on the hardware than 720p.

4. You should prefer FULL HD (1080p) over HD(720p) if possible.


Tech News

Google Finally Unveils Their Fully Customizable Smartphone

A couple of years ago, there was an idea called phone blocks that proposed a fully customizable smartphone that was designed by the user. For the most part, the idea fell into the depths of the internet, but it was actually bought by Google and secretly worked on for the past few years.


Different interchangeable blocks mean:

  • One interested in photography can upgrade their camera to a more professional model.
  • Other who wants to store all their music on their device would then be able to add more storage to their phone.
  • One who want hear music loudly will attach more speaker blocks.

Through this device, you won’t have to upgrade to a new smartphone every year or two.