How can Chinese companies offer great specs at such low prices? -Robert Triggs

We all know that chinese companies like Xiomi,OnePlus, Meizu, and Huawei are selling their smartphones at much lower prise compared to other companies like samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, etc. So here is article from Android Authority written by Robert Triggs to explain this.

How can Chinese companies offer great specs at such low prices?


Robert Triggs


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We talked about galaxy note s7 explosions in our Year-End Series because of which Samsung was biggest tech loser of 2016. Samsung has completed the probe into explosions of battery in galaxy note s7.They released this diagram of how their batteries would catch fire:

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Samsung’s latest foldable display patent

Samsung has submitted patents about handheld smart devices with touch displays, meaning the technology could be suitable for a range of products including phones, tablets or wearables.

The filings suggest that Samsung is intending to use biometric sensors such as fingerprint/iris scanners on the devices to prevent the units from being opened or unscrolled until unlocked. Patently Mobile also claims that Samsung is considering the use of “voice information, face information, palm line information, vein distribution information, retina information, movement pattern information, such as walking style information, ECG information, and/or palm print information,” to secure the products.

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Biggest Tech Losers of 2016

1. Yahoo

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 1.5 billion hacked accounts

 Mess with the NSA

2. Samsung

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Galaxy s7 explosions

3. Facebook

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