Tech History

February 6, 1971

First Golf Ball Hit on Moon

1971 – Apollo 14 astronaut Alan Shepard hits the first golf ball on the Moon.While on the Moon, Shepard used a Wilson six-iron head attached to a lunar sample scoop handle to drive golf balls. Despite thick gloves and a stiff spacesuit, which forced him to swing the club with one hand, Shepard struck two golf balls; driving the second, as he jokingly put it, “miles and miles and miles”.

Watch Video of this golf:

Tech History

December 23, 1968

Apollo 8 Orbits the Moon

The view of Earth rising over the lunar surface from Apollo 8

Astronauts Frank Borman, James A. Lovell, and William Anders become the first men to orbit the Moon. Flying in Apollo 8, the men perform 10 total lunar orbits and test many of the procedures that will be used in future lunar missions. Additionally, the men were the first humans to travel beyond low Earth orbit, the first to see Earth as a whole planet, and the first to directly see the far side of the Moon. On Christmas Eve, the crew made a television broadcast from which they read the first 10 verses from the Book of Genesis.  It was the most watched television program ever at the time.